School competition

Every year we announce a competition for the best school in paper supplies

Dear Director,

We would like to offer you cooperation with our company, which is an authorized person in the field of waste management. We greatly appreciate suppliers in the form of school facilities, where the organization of collection events already in school (and pre-school) leads to understanding and awareness of the effectiveness of waste separation.

As part of our cooperation, we offer an interesting theme in the form of a thematic excursion of a group of pupils in the premises of our company, where it is possible to see the course of processing, sorting and separation line and help children to understand recycling.

The collection competition is designed for mixed paper (newspapers, magazines, leaflets, textbooks - only torn from bindings).

How to apply?

Existing competitors will only confirm their participation in the competition with the number of pupils reported in the school year 2019/20.

New applicants will contact Ing. Jansova:, +420 720 736 888.
Deadline for collection: 2. 9. 2019 to 19. 6. 2020


The competition will be evaluated in two categories for the school year 2019/20:

  • total amount collected
  • kg per pupil


To order collection, delivery or replacement of the container, please contact:

  • Bc. Bibiana Ninczová, tel. +420 724 076 250
  • Ing. Ivana Jansová, tel. +420 720 736 888

Thank you for cooperation and motivation of children to ecological thinking and behavior!

Ing. Ivana Jansová

business manager, environmental consultant

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