Purchase of plastics

Turn your waste for money at the highest possible prices

Dispose of plastic waste gently

Today, plastics are an enormous burden on the environment. It is therefore important that every individual engages and takes responsibility for his or her waste. We will take the plastic waste at our collection point or use our transport.

How does plastic recycling work?

  • The process begins by taking over the mixed plastics
  • Furthermore, the plastic waste is separated on the sorting line
  • Pressing into individual commodities
  • Handing over for material or energy use

We hold certificates for:

  • Organization quality management system conforming to the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015
  • Environmental management system complying with the requirements of ISO 14001: 2015

In other words, we care not only for legislation, but also to relieve the environment together. Come with us to minimize the environmental burden.

Purchase price lists

Prices valid from 1.4.2020


Plastový odpadKč/kg
PET lahve - min. množství 10 kg, čirá, modrá, zelená0,20
Folie transparentní - čistá čirá - min. množství 10 kg0,20
Směsný plast - recyklační poplatek-4,50 vč. DPH

The stated prices are valid for purchases from natural persons in the NAPOS, a.s.

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